Céramique Rosemère now under Frank & Sullivan

Founded more than 30 years ago, Céramique Rosemère established itself as a flooring business specialized in ceramic, natural stone and wooden floors. As years went by, the boutique became a staple amongst the renovation-decoration centres in the greater Montréal region. Thanks to its diverse product range, mainly originating from Europe, F&S stood out from the competition. Moreover, it’s the unique and personalised service of their team of design advisors who not only knew to attract, but more importantly, retain its clientele during all these years.

Spring of 2016 breathes new life into the commerce. Partners Rémi Nagant and Cédric Lascombre acquire the renowned company. Together they decide to completely revisit the interior layout and design of the boutique with major renovations and expansion, to welcome multiple new lines of products and brands, as well as an impressing showroom. The concept is simple: a single boutique to realize all your ideas.

Combining their common passion for organic design and modern architecture, the two instigators were inspired by the famous architects, Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Henry Sullivan, to create a name more adapted to their vision, Frank & Sullivan. To accompany the name change, a new brand image was carefully crafted to represent the unique and warm shopping experience that F&S offers.

Frank & Sullivan now position itself as the reference in ceramic, wooden floors and natural stone products, while offering its service of design and manufacturing of kitchens, wine cellars and staircases.

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269 Boul Labelle,
Rosemère, QC J7A 2H3